Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is illusion?

The higher you go the more you see

Everything contradicts each other.  Truth exists for only a moment and than its gone, it vanishes like a rainbow as you get closer to it the rainbow disappears. If you are far away rainbows are, but if you come nearer they dissolve.  In this world of illusion nothing is certain.

The western interpretation for illusion is ‘unreal,’ which isn’t right.  Shankara says with senses there is no possibility to know whether the thing confronting you is real or unreal.  Illusion means an impossibility to decide whether it is real or unreal.

Everything is just an interpretation of something.  That’s why I make up several contradictory reasons so that I am not stuck in my narrow view and I expand into multidimensionality. Every truth has several contradictory aspects. 

This whole world is confusion, always escaping, always turning into something else.  If you try to understand this illusion, your very effort will confuse you more. Nothing is certain; everything is uncertain; a flux of change, with no possibility to decide whether this or that is true or false. When you see that everything which cannot be decided is illusory, you will automatically turn to yourself. The only point where you can have a center is in your own being. That is certain.

For me the outer world is falling away.  It has no ground, no grip.  I am trusting my inner world.

People build illusion like crazy and when I come in contact with them they whip me with those illusions, trying to get me to join them.  I can’t.  Light carries nothing, not even a speck of dust.  I am dropping illusion like crazy, becoming light-er.

There are always millions of things to do, the chores of the day, which can keep you endlessly busy.   I can no longer do the things I used to do.  My life is so much simpler.  The mind can't understand how things get done if you don't think about them.  They do get done because the body knows what to do.  The body is in tune with reality while the mind is not.  The body flows with reality while the mind constantly tries to talk you out of it.  The mind is programmed not to accept what is.

The child doesn't worry and stays in the moment effortlessly.  Unless you become as a child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Life takes place effortlessly.  Its a matter of trust and not meddling, wanting things your own way.

29 years ago I got married without lifting a finger.  It was a large wedding.  I even moved out into the country for 2 months before the wedding without a phone so that I couldn't be reached.  People put so much effort into planning every detail when in fact it has already all been taken care off. All I had to do is show up.  The universe, God, or whatever you want to call it does all the planning down to the smallest detail. Every person knew what to do.  My new sister-in-law remarked on how calm and collected I was. 

I am shown what I am supposed to do and so is everyone else.  I don't have to convince anyone or manipulate them into doing something for me.  In fact if I bring it up they will resist.  It has to look as if its coming from them, that they came up with the idea. And that's how the universal law works.  Everything gets downloaded into the brain for us to act on it.  

This is my experience and that's why I can go deeper and let go.  My mind isn't torturing me trying to understand how anything can get done without planning it first.

When I moved to the US I had 100 pounds of luggage. It was 6:55 AM when I left the house.  With every step the luggage got heavier as I walked to the train station.  I wanted to leave some of it by the road side, that's where I saw a taxi at the gas station.  I walked up to him and asked if he could give me a ride to the train station.  He wanted to know where I was going.  I said to Frankfurt to catch a plane.  He said that he is from Frankfurt and that he miscalculated the fare for the passenger he dropped off in my town and he was waiting for the gas station to open.  He took me to Frankfurt, a 4-hour drive for the price of the train ticket, which was about $11.00.  I could not have planned this better myself. 

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