Monday, February 24, 2014

Moving vertically

I moved vertically and when that happens I can't do anything in the physical because all my energy is wrapped up in that vertical move.

Moving vertical is the feminine energy, moving horizontal is the masculine energy.

I've gone so deep that I am totally wiped out.  It also makes it harder for me to go back into my mind so that I can be much gentler with myself and to just Be.

The mind is a brutal place, full of illusion and hanging on to the past trying to recreate the same old. 

This vertical move needed to be balanced and grounded so that I won't go off the deep end and not return to earth for many years.  And so I drove 10 hours to Atlanta and back.  And now I can't go back to the way I was, yet I am grounded.

When I have outgrown my current space I either move vertically, deeper into myself, or horizontally, which is a physical move to a new location or a new physical activity shows up.  That's why I thought I would be moving away from here because I was so done.  But now with this vertical move its impossible for me to move away because I don't have the strength for it.  I need massive rest and massive gentleness.  There seems to be some life coming back to me.

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