Sunday, June 26, 2011

No evidence

In the present moment there is no evidence of what is going to happen because 99.99% is stillness.  The cat sitting at the mouse hole waits patiently.  The cat doesn't ask the mouse: "When are you going to come out?"  Humans keep asking when is this or that going to happen?  You will never know until it shows up.

If you knew whats going to happen you would toss the universe aside and prepare for it, you would leave the present moment.  I am usually shown several possibilities that are opposite each other.  This puts me into the present moment and prepares me energetically for all possibilities so that I am ok with whatever shows up.

We are taught that we are always supposed to know what is going on, but we don't, so we make up stories.  Politicians make up stories about how they are going to safe everything.  Wouldn't it be nice if they could admit that they don't know.  I am tired of explaining my life to people.  Any explanation is a million times removed from who I really am.  I am not a mental concept.

I used to have silent days where I would not speak.  I know a man who always spends his first dates in silence.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rescue me

Daniel in the Lions Den

The mind has never been in charge.  People have abandoned their intuition and given in to the pressures of their mind to act when their gut will tell them to wait.  They have given in to their fears.  This entire society is a product of fear.  Life isn't hard, illusion is.  When it requires maintenance its illusion.  Every day your mind is giving you an ass whooping and you accept it.

I have been staying with a friend for a week.  My plan was to fly to Germany last Monday but than the universe told me to wait and I have not been given the go-ahead yet.  People want answers because that's how their minds work, but I don't have any answers, I don't know the outcome of this.  My friend has been pressuring me, she wants to know where she stands.  This is too harsh an environment for me so the universe removed her for 4 weeks to take care of her mother in Texas.  Her two daughters (20 & 24) and husband are here.  The daughters sleep until afternoon and the husband stays in his office most the time, he works from home.  They too want to know so I stay out of sight.

I feel so horribly punished right now but how else are people going to see what their mind is doing to them.  I am here so that they all can witness to trust the universe and not their mind.  I hope this is over soon.  At times I am going out of my mind because my mind cannot grasp how I am going to be rescued, but rescued I will.

I have $1.77, 150 Euros, no car, no phone.  None of these limit my possibilities.  I rely on the universe.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The mind delivers manure


When your mind is in charge of your life you will have shitloads of manure delivered to your doorstep.  You will try to solve problems that exist in the imagination of your mind only.  This is not the imagination Einstein is talking about:  

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Each moment is veiled in the unknown.  The mind has a big problem with not knowing and fills it with its illusionary vision of what it knows, namely problems.  Nothing is possible to the mind. People plan their lives so that they can escape the unknown.  The mind always has to know where it stands.  Leaving things up to 'fate' is too horrifying.  

Relaxing into each moment, allowing it to unfold and embracing it, from day one we have been taught that it will spell disaster, that you will be destitute, end up as a pauper.  To the contrary.  You will have everything you desire, love you can't even imagine, wisdom, abundance, beauty, the world at your feet and than some.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Play

Kurt Wenner Chalk Art

In the present moment I always have what I need.  I don't have to go elsewhere to provide for myself.  I don't need to escape into my mind to prepare for the future.  People don't know that they can trust their existence to the present moment.  When you are not present you lack everything.

People think their existence depends on their mind.  The more mental they are the more power they perceive they have.  Same with money, the more money the more powerful. All of these are illusions.

When you need money it will show up because the present moment makes all things possible.  In the present moment there is a door to all the treasures of the universe, like a hidden vault. The vault is always open, you just have to know how to access it.  Your mind doesn't know the combination.  Pay attention to your body and it will show you how to BE there. It's child's play.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Your mind is stealing everything from you

Your mind is a pirate, stealing everything that belongs to you and now you live as a pauper when all the riches are available in the present moment.

Each moment is eternity where all things are possible.  People living in the world of illusion are always in a hurry, missing everything and messing with everything.  If you keep listening to your mind the universe has no choice but to make you sick. 

Each moment is a portal for your life to change.  People use effort to change their lives.  Change doesn't take any effort, it takes being aligned with the universe where things are handed to you effortlessly. 

The lies of the patriarchal mind keep people bound in their prisons.  The mind wants action and will do anything to get it.  When people are not aware they will always give in to their mind's fears.

We are the creators, not the creation.  Life changes from the inside out.

In the present moment you always have exactly what you need, no extras.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The loss of the present

There is only one upset, the loss of the present.  When you are not present you are upset.  People blame their upset on whatever shows up in their space.

People give me advice based on their illusions.  Their lives aren't working but they tell me what to do. Things show up the last minute and people want to rush it. 

The universe uses bodies to provide for me.  I never have to ask for anything because their bodies always do what they are supposed to while their minds rebel.

For instance my daughter didn't want to visit last Saturday, a 4-hour drive, but she did.  I have no phone nor computer and I needed her.  She came without me asking her.  She said I was lucky that she came.  I said luck has nothing to do with it, your body always does what its supposed to.  

People think their minds move their bodies but that is not true.  The universe is in charge of our bodies.  I don't listen to what people say but watch their bodies what they do.

I never have to ask for anything.  It was very hot and I walk a lot.  I was standing in the shade when an employee of a store came outside.  She told me that I need an umbrella, took me inside the store, grabbed an umbrella and gave it to me.  I didn't have to pay for it.  People give me things because the universe directs their bodies to be of service to me.  When I ask I don't get anything because then the mind is involved.  Nothing ever comes from the mind.  The mind is clueless.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reality is kind, illusion is brutal

Every moment of your life your mind brutalizes you

The body is always in reality.  The mind can't grasp reality and lives in the world of illusion. 

The mind thinks its in charge, but it isn't, the body is in charge, its the universe made flesh and knows everything. 

The patriarchal world depends on the mind to make life's decisions and it shows.  Illusion is brutal.

The body is capable of running marathons without ever training for them, but the conditioned mind says that's impossible, the harder I work the more I will succeed.  The mind lives in the world of effort and hard work.  It can't accept that things are easy.  We are light, energy, there is no effort.

The body is always comfortably in the present moment, the mind never is, it is always overriding the wisdom of the body, turning you into someone you are not.  Our bodies are directed by the universe which is loving, kind, abundant. When you follow your body you will always know what is real.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My observations

They think they are fixing the machine.  The machine fixes itself.  The car fixes itself.  That the man fixes the machine is an illusion.  The mechanic doesn't do a thing.

If I need a phone to talk to people than I am not meant to talk to them.

That you have to tell people what to do is an illusion.  Everybody always knows what to do.

You intrude on the universe when you don't wait for what shows up naturally.

Everything gets detonated the moment it is built.  

Every few seconds you get upset and you blame your surroundings for it.  Every few seconds everything dies.   When you are in your mind you are not aware of it.

I don't ever have to go after anything.  Everything comes to me.

The body needs one pair of shoes, the mind needs 100 pairs.

Choice is an illusion, choice = running away.  Always perceive you have a choice and never make it, that's the present.

Sales people have an agenda. They don't know that the universe decides who buys and who doesn't.

I don't change the outside, I change the inside.

The mind is conditioned to only go so far and than it keeps repeating the same loop.  To go further you have to face all your fears.  Facing your fears is the way out.

The thing about reality is that you have to be so flexible that it squeezes your nuts.

I am not doing anything, its doing me.  Gitr done.

Its not the behavior that is insane, its the story about the behavior that's insane.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Change your address, change your life

If you don't know your soul you will be pulled into people's illusions.

You can't let anything pull you out of the present moment.  You have to take the heat.

Everything takes care of itself.  When you meddle it can't play itself out and you intrude with your fear-based interventions. 

My mind is coming up with all kinds of solutions and I am being entertained by them.  The mind is here for entertainment only, and not to torment you.

In the old patriarchal system everything has to be prepared way ahead of time.  In the new system everything shows up when it is needed and not the moment before.  If it shows up the moment before its in the way.  My next place is there when I need it and not a moment sooner.  I can't come up with solutions, I have to wait for the soulution.  If I hit the escape button I will stay in the old patriarchal system, in the world of illusion.

Hitting the eject button.  You are ejecting from the present moment.  How do you expect  anything to come into your life when you are not there? Everything gets delivered, but you are at the wrong address.  Bailing out will cost you.

If you want your life to work you need to change your address.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


When were you this carefree

You are already enlightened, you just don't know it.

Everything is energy, speedy Gonzales, roadrunner energy.  We are light traveling at incredible speed.  Your mind is slowing you down.  The mind is an obstruction in the wheel of life, it will bring you to a screeching halt.  It will put a heavy burden on you.  We were never meant to carry anything.

When your illusions match someone else's illusions they call it Love.  In the world of illusion love is impossible.   It's neediness disguised as love.

"I help people."  You are full of it.  You are only interested in you.  No one needs you.  If you were honest with yourself you wouldn't be doing most of the things you are doing. 

You want to appear nice and needed.  Your mind has built such an enormous illusion about yourself and you think that is who you really are.  You keep the imaginary you alive.  You are building illusion like crazy to protect who you used to be and never were.  If you knew who you really are you'd freak out.

When two opposing forces meet you can expect action.  My illusions are being busted.  Right now I don't feel so good.

You are light.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Creating new pathways in the mind

The mind can only go so far and than it repeats the loop.  The mind has to be tricked to go further.  When you can't go on that's where you decided to stop.

My mind is freaking out because it wants to stay in the same loop, but my life won't allow it.  My mind cannot loop, it has to create a new pathway to deal with the uncertainty of life.

People keep repeating themselves because that is all their minds are capable off.

We were supposed to be out of here by June 1st, but we are still here.  I can't allow my mind to take over, I have to relax into my body because my body knows.

Each new development is here to trick my mind into releasing fear and baggage.

The manager said:  "You could have come to the office and talked to me."  He couldn't have because he didn't.  Now he had to make up an explanation that would make sense to the insane manager.  Reality is, he didn't come to the office.  He does what he does. 

I always do what I do and I never do what I don't do.   

With the move going the way it does everyone's mental loops are being interrupted and the mind is freaking out.

People can't take the heat of the moment and keep going back into the same loop over and over again,  

When you can't go on you are being set up to get out of the loop.  I have to leave the loop so that my life belongs to my soul and not to my mind.  The mind is frightened to leave the loop and is holding on for dear life.

Every day I am going insane because my mind is being challenged to come closer to the present moment.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I lost my marbles

I lost my marbles

I got blown up pretty good, its not time for a landing yet.

My mind is sorting through heaps of clutter, so much showing up.  I don't know who I am, what's real.  At times it hurts a lot.  I want the pain to stop, but I'll keep going.  I am getting rid of illusion.  When I come out of this I'll be a new person.

Later that day:

I worked through all my baggage, the pain was horrendous.  Now the upside is showing up and its just as high as the downside was low.  I stayed with the pain and watched it turn on its own.  You can only go as high as you can go low.

At last I figured out what it means to let go.  You let go of the baggage, not the person.  When the baggage is gone you can finally have a relationship with that person.