Saturday, February 22, 2014

Who am I without illusions

When illusion disappears you better be prepared to feel insane because there is nothing recognizable left in life.  I don't know where I belong nor who I am and if there is even a place for me.

Being in the present moment is easier said than done.

The past and future are illusions.  The inner world is more real than the outer world.  The outer world cannot be trusted and is therefore not my guide.  Don't look outside for what is real but look within.

This week has been a very powerful week for change.  I am not the person I was at the beginning of the week.  All the fabrications in my head about my future were mere hallucinations.  And I am finally grasping this.  I dropped so much illusion this week that my head is spinning.

I wanted to be with my twin, it gave me something to dream about, but that is now gone too.  No crutches allowed.

The emptiness and stillness from which everything is born has brought out deeper emotions.  I can't hide nor push anything under the rug.  The raw me is emerging.

With illusions I am insane.  Without illusions I am sane.  However, it feels transposed.  Illusions make me appear sane.

Enjoy your illusions while you can.

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