Friday, February 14, 2014

This place no longer fits me

Has my ship come in?
My neighbor was hauled off in the ambulance to the hospital, she broke her ankle in 4 places.  That's when I realized that I couldn't take it anymore.  The slamming of doors starts at 4 in the morning.  She has a very loud voice and shouts incessantly.  She is one in 10 children and not used to quietness and her dad is hard of hearing.

My body followed suit by throwing up.  I hardly get sick.  When I've had enough I've had enough and there is no more taking any of this.  

A new space arrived.  My son will be going to New Jersey for a week to help his friend with a job.  He also received a call from a trucking company to start a 2-week orientation in Georgia which will decide if he gets hired.

Massive changes are coming our way.  I have outgrown this place and its no longer a fit.  The workings behind the scenes are so deep.  I will have 3 weeks to acclimate to whatever is going to show up.  I feel its going to go very quickly.

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