Monday, December 2, 2013

Integrating the new

There were times when I questioned who I was following because so far nothing materialized, only purging, purging, purging with short intervals of relief.

The past two days I was shown my new life.  It is over the top with my stomach in my throat.  I can't do this, neither do I want to do this.  But the universe has spoken.  There is no negotiating.  Its way over my head and that's where its supposed to be so that I will not walk by my own strength.

I will be traveling with my son in a truck and eventually I will get my truck driving license so that we both can alternate driving and go longer distances.  I am integrating all of this and today I am feeling kind of blah.  I was wondering whether the stress of being on the road so much would get to me.  The universe responded with a dream of an erected penis, meaning, I will have the strength and stamina to do this.

We are down to our last penny.  We have things for sale but they aren't selling.  I am not worried.  Its not my problem.  I am here to enjoy the ride and I am starting to.

I meet people and they truly don't want to give up control because they are afraid of losing it all, and they will.  I am glad that part is over.  A new game is being arranged for me.

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