Friday, December 13, 2013

My lighter body

The mind builds structures.  All my structures have fallen.  New ones don't even have the chance to get erected.  I have gone beyond the mind.

I cycle through a lot of feeling:  death, illusion, insanity, and so many more.  I always feel different, unstable, things seem to move all the time.  What's here one moment is gone the next.

As I carry more light I can't carry a thought.  Thought is denser than light.  Bye, bye thoughts.

I am starting to behave as light.  The fear of how I am going to provide for myself or live on this still dense planet isn't there anymore.  I am protected.

Anything that has to do with planning gives me indigestion.  If I don't relax my heart starts to race.  I can't introduce density to my body anymore or my body will react immediately with symptoms of a heart attack and headaches.

It's imperative to be present and awake. 

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