Friday, November 29, 2013

There is no mercy

The nervous system gets prepared before the physical changes.  I know I can do all things, but when my nervous system can't handle it nothing new will happen.  

My circuits are overloaded.  There is much to let go.  All my mind sees are problems, when in fact I am being refined.  I am going much deeper into my nervous system.

The spaces are getting bigger.   The challenge is, living in these spaces.  Nothing works, nothing to grab onto.  Rescue shows up the last moment, but mostly, not at all.  Always falling apart without a chance of being put back together.  It requires a new response: Feeling (like crap most the time).  That's what people are working so hard to run away from.

No amount of begging will make this stop.  Forerunners take the brunt. 

At least I had the most amazing Thanksgiving with my children.  There was no ego.   It's all worth it.

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