Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The ledge is disappearing

I am being stretched like the hide of an animal in the sun.  I am ok with it.  Its all in divine and perfect order.

Immense changes are in the works.  I keep feeling these massive energies and than they subside so that the nervous system can catch up.

Neo only went one layer down the rabbit hole.  He misinterprets his new state as freedom, but its only a more convincing illusion of freedom.  He is now even more in the grip of delusion.  With every layer I thought I had arrived.  We get to go all the way to the bottom of the rabbit hole. 

For me it feels that I have reached the bottom and now I get to climb out and fly.  

I am really no longer in control, which was an illusion anyway.   My mind wants me to rush around, doing useless things.  The mind always wants to override the body's wisdom.  I move to action when my body moves me.  Its getting easier and harder.  Easier because I can trust my body to know what to do; harder because there is no more ledge.  The ledge has disappeared and I have nothing to hang on to.  Its time to fly.

This is the season of obligation.  Obligation to give presents. I am not buying anything, we are having to borrow money, but that's not the reason. I never give anything out of obligation.  This year has been a financial breeze until now. Maybe my son needs to learn something through this.  I am not trying to figure things out anymore.  It is what it is.

This is the most psychic time of the year.  I am being shown and prepared for things to come.

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