Monday, December 23, 2013


The solstice brought BIG subtle changes.  Didn't notice it until this morning.  Everything dried up.  I can't think the same way.  The old is gone.

I am now living in the emptiness.  It's one thing talking about Being, its another living it.  There is NOTHING TO DO.  Everything we planned went to ashes.  This is especially hard on my son.  He is used to always working.  He has millions of ideas but they all belong to the old.  He noticed that things aren't the same, but is unaware of the extend.  

It looks like we are sinking in quicksand, fears showing up.  I am stoked.  We are truly in the new.  New ways will show up eventually, living at a different speed.  This is a time of adjusting.  I feel so dead.

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