Saturday, April 30, 2011

Die already, don't let the mind decide what's next

Lulu and Sabine

Never reach for the next moment.

The mind doesn't know anything, yet pretends to be the master of everything.   The mind is ignorant and you put it on the throne of your life, you made it your master, and you are its slave.  

The mind with its neediness and worries is incapable of seeing beauty and abundance.   It  can't see anything real.

Planning is a function of the mind.  When you can't look beyond the mind you are always planning and worrying about the future and you will waste your energy because you will always give in to your mind's fears.  

Without the mind's interference you can just Be, the observer of all things.  When you don't plan you will lose illusion.  You will never lose what is real.   In each moment let go of everything you know about anything.

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