Sunday, April 3, 2011

I live in space

99.99% is empty space and only .01% is matter.  But people live as if 99.99% is matter because their fearful minds keep them incredibly busy.  They don't perceive that there is that much space.  They are being pounded by their mind continually.  

The body is always in the present moment but the mind is all over.  There is incongruency, the body and mind aren't lining up and that's why lives are messy.  The mind forces the body to rush around and the body doesn't put up with it and will make you sick.

I always go inside first before I go out.  We were forced to go out first and were never allowed to go inside.  Learning to go inside is painstaking, a ride through hell.  Many people don't know that they have to go inside, its a place they don't trust.  Everything in society is geared to keep us from going inside.

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