Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I quit my job

The boss is telling me what to do.  
Her mind wants to direct my body to get things done.
Not even my mind gets to direct my body.
My body directs itself.  My body is always where its supposed to be.
My mind follows my body and not the other way around.
My body feels heavy when the mind is in charge.  It won't carry illusion.

I couldn't tell them the real reason for quitting my job because they don't understand this paradox:

Do nothing and accomplish everything.  (Tao Te Ching, translated by S. Mitchell).

Society still believes that working hard is the road to success, which creates a very small world, one in which they can be in control.  In their world of illusion it is insane to do nothing and therefore they would label me insane if they knew what is driving me.

In the world of illusion that which is sane appears insane and that which is insane appears sane.  On my road to sanity I see these things and I don't get sucked into living the patriarchal way.

The force in the world of illusion is ignorance, it will sweep you away.  The force of stillness carries great wisdom.

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