Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freedom, a.k.a. Leaving the tribe

When everybody wants a piece of you and you give it to them you keep the illusion alive.  We are whole and nobody needs us.

The mind is a prison.  The moment you use the mind other than for entertainment you are no longer free.  Live becomes a complicated web and now you have to keep track of it.

Education and freedom don't go together.

If you do what you want you are still not free because you are patterned, you have been told what you are supposed to want.  

We have to leave the illusion.

Things are getting stranger and its happening faster.  I still do the same things but I feel like I am in a different dimension.  Every day I go through tremendous shifts. When I ask for direction I always get the same response: "Be still, do nothing."  By doing nothing I don't bring old energies into my space.  Everything is moving at tremendous speed.  The moment I do something I slow it all down.  So I keep my activities to a minimum.

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