Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Game keeps changing

When you are physically out of the loop but the mind is still in the loop and wants the familiar it will cause a lot of upheaval.  This is what it takes to lose the mind.

11-11 is coming up.  This one is a doozie.  I have been feeling horrible the last 3 days, but starting to come out of it.

The brain will change to support an environment (Bruce Lipton).  That’s why I’ve been so angry.  My situations are changing but my brain wants to keep looping through the same responses, which are no longer supported by these new situations, and that’s why I am at a loss and my response is anger.  I need new responses, but my brain hasn’t found a new pathway yet.  This will change in time, but for now it’s bringing up issues.  Its getting under my skin.

I feel I have been camping out at the base camp most of this year to acclimate myself, getting ready for an even deeper descend into the unknown.

It's time to go further down the rabbit hole, facing the inside rather than forcing the outside my way, which is absurd because there is no ‘out there’ out there.

You always get what you don’t want.  Because what you don’t want, that’s where you are stuck. Accepting everything without judgment.  There is no good nor bad.


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