Friday, November 8, 2013

Are You Aggravated Yet?

It seems to me that the Universe wants me mad; really, really mad.  And I am about there.  I am being push over my limits and than some.

Nothing is working, things are breaking down, even simple things like doing the laundry, plants dying, or idiotic neighbors, and the list goes on.

My entire existence is tearing and dissolving.  This is the way of the caterpillar.  Total dissolution.

I am not doing much anymore.  Routines wear me out.  My son spent a week in Delaware at a world championship and tomorrow he is leaving for Virginia.  Routines would really make me explode right now.  I need lots of space and aloneness and I am getting it.

The world keeps rearranging itself according to my needs.  There is no 'out there' out there.

Still, I have only one nerve left.

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