Friday, June 17, 2011

Your mind is stealing everything from you

Your mind is a pirate, stealing everything that belongs to you and now you live as a pauper when all the riches are available in the present moment.

Each moment is eternity where all things are possible.  People living in the world of illusion are always in a hurry, missing everything and messing with everything.  If you keep listening to your mind the universe has no choice but to make you sick. 

Each moment is a portal for your life to change.  People use effort to change their lives.  Change doesn't take any effort, it takes being aligned with the universe where things are handed to you effortlessly. 

The lies of the patriarchal mind keep people bound in their prisons.  The mind wants action and will do anything to get it.  When people are not aware they will always give in to their mind's fears.

We are the creators, not the creation.  Life changes from the inside out.

In the present moment you always have exactly what you need, no extras.

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