Sunday, June 5, 2011

Change your address, change your life

If you don't know your soul you will be pulled into people's illusions.

You can't let anything pull you out of the present moment.  You have to take the heat.

Everything takes care of itself.  When you meddle it can't play itself out and you intrude with your fear-based interventions. 

My mind is coming up with all kinds of solutions and I am being entertained by them.  The mind is here for entertainment only, and not to torment you.

In the old patriarchal system everything has to be prepared way ahead of time.  In the new system everything shows up when it is needed and not the moment before.  If it shows up the moment before its in the way.  My next place is there when I need it and not a moment sooner.  I can't come up with solutions, I have to wait for the soulution.  If I hit the escape button I will stay in the old patriarchal system, in the world of illusion.

Hitting the eject button.  You are ejecting from the present moment.  How do you expect  anything to come into your life when you are not there? Everything gets delivered, but you are at the wrong address.  Bailing out will cost you.

If you want your life to work you need to change your address.

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