Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rescue me

Daniel in the Lions Den

The mind has never been in charge.  People have abandoned their intuition and given in to the pressures of their mind to act when their gut will tell them to wait.  They have given in to their fears.  This entire society is a product of fear.  Life isn't hard, illusion is.  When it requires maintenance its illusion.  Every day your mind is giving you an ass whooping and you accept it.

I have been staying with a friend for a week.  My plan was to fly to Germany last Monday but than the universe told me to wait and I have not been given the go-ahead yet.  People want answers because that's how their minds work, but I don't have any answers, I don't know the outcome of this.  My friend has been pressuring me, she wants to know where she stands.  This is too harsh an environment for me so the universe removed her for 4 weeks to take care of her mother in Texas.  Her two daughters (20 & 24) and husband are here.  The daughters sleep until afternoon and the husband stays in his office most the time, he works from home.  They too want to know so I stay out of sight.

I feel so horribly punished right now but how else are people going to see what their mind is doing to them.  I am here so that they all can witness to trust the universe and not their mind.  I hope this is over soon.  At times I am going out of my mind because my mind cannot grasp how I am going to be rescued, but rescued I will.

I have $1.77, 150 Euros, no car, no phone.  None of these limit my possibilities.  I rely on the universe.

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