Monday, June 6, 2011

My observations

They think they are fixing the machine.  The machine fixes itself.  The car fixes itself.  That the man fixes the machine is an illusion.  The mechanic doesn't do a thing.

If I need a phone to talk to people than I am not meant to talk to them.

That you have to tell people what to do is an illusion.  Everybody always knows what to do.

You intrude on the universe when you don't wait for what shows up naturally.

Everything gets detonated the moment it is built.  

Every few seconds you get upset and you blame your surroundings for it.  Every few seconds everything dies.   When you are in your mind you are not aware of it.

I don't ever have to go after anything.  Everything comes to me.

The body needs one pair of shoes, the mind needs 100 pairs.

Choice is an illusion, choice = running away.  Always perceive you have a choice and never make it, that's the present.

Sales people have an agenda. They don't know that the universe decides who buys and who doesn't.

I don't change the outside, I change the inside.

The mind is conditioned to only go so far and than it keeps repeating the same loop.  To go further you have to face all your fears.  Facing your fears is the way out.

The thing about reality is that you have to be so flexible that it squeezes your nuts.

I am not doing anything, its doing me.  Gitr done.

Its not the behavior that is insane, its the story about the behavior that's insane.

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