Monday, June 13, 2011

Reality is kind, illusion is brutal

Every moment of your life your mind brutalizes you

The body is always in reality.  The mind can't grasp reality and lives in the world of illusion. 

The mind thinks its in charge, but it isn't, the body is in charge, its the universe made flesh and knows everything. 

The patriarchal world depends on the mind to make life's decisions and it shows.  Illusion is brutal.

The body is capable of running marathons without ever training for them, but the conditioned mind says that's impossible, the harder I work the more I will succeed.  The mind lives in the world of effort and hard work.  It can't accept that things are easy.  We are light, energy, there is no effort.

The body is always comfortably in the present moment, the mind never is, it is always overriding the wisdom of the body, turning you into someone you are not.  Our bodies are directed by the universe which is loving, kind, abundant. When you follow your body you will always know what is real.

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