Saturday, June 4, 2011


When were you this carefree

You are already enlightened, you just don't know it.

Everything is energy, speedy Gonzales, roadrunner energy.  We are light traveling at incredible speed.  Your mind is slowing you down.  The mind is an obstruction in the wheel of life, it will bring you to a screeching halt.  It will put a heavy burden on you.  We were never meant to carry anything.

When your illusions match someone else's illusions they call it Love.  In the world of illusion love is impossible.   It's neediness disguised as love.

"I help people."  You are full of it.  You are only interested in you.  No one needs you.  If you were honest with yourself you wouldn't be doing most of the things you are doing. 

You want to appear nice and needed.  Your mind has built such an enormous illusion about yourself and you think that is who you really are.  You keep the imaginary you alive.  You are building illusion like crazy to protect who you used to be and never were.  If you knew who you really are you'd freak out.

When two opposing forces meet you can expect action.  My illusions are being busted.  Right now I don't feel so good.

You are light.

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