Friday, June 3, 2011

Creating new pathways in the mind

The mind can only go so far and than it repeats the loop.  The mind has to be tricked to go further.  When you can't go on that's where you decided to stop.

My mind is freaking out because it wants to stay in the same loop, but my life won't allow it.  My mind cannot loop, it has to create a new pathway to deal with the uncertainty of life.

People keep repeating themselves because that is all their minds are capable off.

We were supposed to be out of here by June 1st, but we are still here.  I can't allow my mind to take over, I have to relax into my body because my body knows.

Each new development is here to trick my mind into releasing fear and baggage.

The manager said:  "You could have come to the office and talked to me."  He couldn't have because he didn't.  Now he had to make up an explanation that would make sense to the insane manager.  Reality is, he didn't come to the office.  He does what he does. 

I always do what I do and I never do what I don't do.   

With the move going the way it does everyone's mental loops are being interrupted and the mind is freaking out.

People can't take the heat of the moment and keep going back into the same loop over and over again,  

When you can't go on you are being set up to get out of the loop.  I have to leave the loop so that my life belongs to my soul and not to my mind.  The mind is frightened to leave the loop and is holding on for dear life.

Every day I am going insane because my mind is being challenged to come closer to the present moment.

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