Thursday, June 16, 2011

The loss of the present

There is only one upset, the loss of the present.  When you are not present you are upset.  People blame their upset on whatever shows up in their space.

People give me advice based on their illusions.  Their lives aren't working but they tell me what to do. Things show up the last minute and people want to rush it. 

The universe uses bodies to provide for me.  I never have to ask for anything because their bodies always do what they are supposed to while their minds rebel.

For instance my daughter didn't want to visit last Saturday, a 4-hour drive, but she did.  I have no phone nor computer and I needed her.  She came without me asking her.  She said I was lucky that she came.  I said luck has nothing to do with it, your body always does what its supposed to.  

People think their minds move their bodies but that is not true.  The universe is in charge of our bodies.  I don't listen to what people say but watch their bodies what they do.

I never have to ask for anything.  It was very hot and I walk a lot.  I was standing in the shade when an employee of a store came outside.  She told me that I need an umbrella, took me inside the store, grabbed an umbrella and gave it to me.  I didn't have to pay for it.  People give me things because the universe directs their bodies to be of service to me.  When I ask I don't get anything because then the mind is involved.  Nothing ever comes from the mind.  The mind is clueless.

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