Monday, October 29, 2012

Living with Intelligence

Presence never exerts effort, never resists anything.

Kittens exposed to only horizontal lines made no response to a rod moving vertically; kittens raised in the vertical-only environment had no response to a rod moving horizontally. Both sets of kittens were essentially “blind” to that which they had never seen before.

In general people are raised with one orientation, it's called survival.  Someone loses their job and immediately they panic.  Everything is geared to earning a living and being important.  They cannot perceive anything else, which makes them dump.

Intelligence can only flow through me when I am in the present moment.  An agenda is the greatest limitation I can put on this moment.

I am being opened up to perceive more by being around people who are obsessed with their minds, making the most ridiculous important, pushing me over the edge into my body.  There is no outside.  Everything originates from the inside.  I was still too much on the outside.  This new situation has been an incredible teacher.

My dormant ego is showing up at every turn.  I had no idea I still had that much ego left in me.

I have created this situation.  When there is no more emotional disturbance in my subconscious I will be able to express myself fully.

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