Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The old ways no longer work

The map is not the terrain.  She put him on a budget to figure out how to get the rest of the down payment for the house.  That's the old way of doing things and it doesn't work that way anymore. Money shows up when you need it and not a moment before. 

Life is really super easy.  But then comes along the dysfunctional tape in the head that always comments on the present moment making you feel guilty about what you are doing or telling you what you should be doing, always planning something.

I left the house feeling badly about leaving her with the baby.  I snapped myself back into the present moment by asking myself:  Where is your body?  My body is sitting in the driver’s seat and my mind was playing the tape that I shouldn’t be doing what I was doing, that I should go back into the house discussing with her the agenda of the day, finding out what she has planned, because that’s how it’s done in the dysfunctional world.   

But when you are whole you just do what you do.  You are in the present moment and there is no past nor future.   For now I am typing this until I don’t.  I do what I do until I don't.

When my mind wants to take over and hurry me along I always look at where my body is because my body is always in the present moment doing what I am supposed to be doing, relaxing into it, breathing fully.

I have noticed that my mind is constantly planning an escape.  I want to escape from the limitations of the new situation. I have to stop this insanity of my mind that won't allow me to be in the present moment of joy and ease.

This moment cannot be otherwise.  Presence never exerts effort, never resists anything.  The witness accepts this moment fully.

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