Sunday, October 7, 2012

Out of Control

It feels good letting go of conditioning, not having to use my mind to prepare for anything, just playing with what shows up.

When staying in my center or in the present moment is impossible its easier to go out than to come in, meaning, that I go as far away from the present moment as possible, far away from my center.  If I can't stay centered I let it go.  That way my mind has the chance to rearrange itself, find new pathways, so that it can come back to my center on its own.

That's how wild horses get tamed.  They are roped in, then let go and so on until the horse is trained. 

The moment people let go of their minds their lives will escalate into something they don't want.  They will no longer have control over anything, which they don't anyway, they just haven't noticed yet.

The mind slows everything down to a screeching halt to make life manageable.  It wants you to attend to the chaotic mess by putting out fires instead of being the observer.  The higher we vibrate the more chaotic things become because you will feel the movements of the universe, the constant flux.

We really do have the easiest job: being present in each moment. But the mind interferes, wants to manipulate it into something other than what is.

There is only one upset, the loss of the present.

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