Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Mindless Way of Life

My mind is calling.  It wants me to take advantage of a half off sale of my favorite food.  I am not budging, I am not listening.  By the time I get to the store and back I will have wasted an hour on my conditioning.  Should I end up at the store I will have gotten there without my mind. 

The mind is full of agendas.  It's always planning, thinking, manipulating, reasoning.  

When you are patterned your mind will have you chase after your addictions:  shopping, hobbies, making a living, whatever ...

If you don't take full breaths than your mind has taken over.   Always stay fully relaxed in your body, fully relaxed in this moment, breathing.

I landed in my new world.  So far only the foundation is laid.  I am no longer in between. I was basking in this fullness for a while.  Then the contrasting energies showed up as they always do.  I was slapping my face, hitting my head and screaming;  I was almost overtaken by this contrast.  I can't even put in words how horrible it felt.  

You can only go as high as you can go low.  I had an incredible high, therefore I went the same distance into the opposite direction.   My main question was:  How am I going to live in the new world when I am surrounded by the old world?  I will be shown as I go along.

This is the mindless world.  Its not less mind, it's no mind at all.  The new world won't be created by the mind.

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