Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vibration, not hard work, is the key

The message we communicate with another human has nothing to do with what we say but with the vibration we  emanate. 

For a moment I experienced over the top abundance and the bliss of wholeness, a little preview of what it's like, and than it was gone because there is still work to be done.  And by work I don't mean actual work, I mean observing what goes on within myself, becoming aware of all sensations in my body because awareness fixes everything.

All force is ignorance.  Nothing comes to me through hard work.  I attract everything of like vibration.  All I have to do is raise my vibration, in other words, expand. 

Nobody has the power to be my master.  Nobody has power over me unless I give it to them.  In one area Wholeness does not depend on how much money I've got.  Not even the richest person can take away the space that belongs to me.  I don't have to pay for my space.  It's mine for FREE!!  And that's a bold thought to ponder.  Right now that thought is over my head, but the universe will draw experiences my way where this will become real.  It's part of being whole and I have already lived that way to some extend.

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