Thursday, October 25, 2012

Limitations are the death to the ego

My mind has to find new pathways to function in this overload of insanity.   The mind is in a loop and when something new happens it has to leave the loop in order to deal with the new.   My ego wants to quit, move away, it can't handle the new limitations that came my way.  Limitations are the death to the ego.

The new energy has no solid ground.  It's like quicksand.  What is true one moment is gone the next.  It will never turn into a pattern so that there is nothing for the mind to hold on to.

My definition for abundance:  This moment is different from the moment before.  There is no pattern.  If there is a pattern that means that it is a repeat and therefore it lacks newness, it lacks the creation of something new. 

This moment cannot be otherwise.  Presence never exerts effort, never resists anything.  The witness accepts this moment fully.

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