Saturday, October 13, 2012

Consciousness Fixes Everything

Last night my son went to pick up his girlfriend to move in with us. He hooked up the trailer and off he went. He came back without her, they broke up.

You never know what's going to happen until it happens.  There is no pre-deciding what the next moment is going to look like.  You have no idea what's going to show up until it shows up.  People are together for a reason, for a season.  The mind wants a linear, fixed situation.  But the more we expand the faster things change.

Consciousness fixes things.  Energy comes before matter. Everything is energy.  Matter slows us down, energy speeds us up. The mind creates matter, the body creates energy.  When you listen to the mind you are very slow.  When you listen to the body you are everywhere.  Read your body, it will tell you everything.

The best bet is to follow the body.  The body always knows what is needed.  It will prepare you for the next moment.  If you use your mind to prepare for things you will always be amiss and busy.

No agenda, just the unadulterated present moment.  Any agenda comes from the Known, from something that we have already experienced.  The mind is always in the same loop, but the universe never repeats itself.

Let the energies take over and don't try to figure it out because it can't be figured out.

So, now I am in a new space.  A lot of adjustment is taking place.  I call this adjusting to the shock waves.  Every time there is an event the waves go out from that event creating ripples and they come back allowing the body to feel the sensations.  These sensations get integrated into the physical makeup allowing for a broader canvas.

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