Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Wisdom of Now

I was wrong again.  I thought I was ready to move on, instead I am living in solitude.  I haven't left the house in a week.  My son and I were ready to go our separate ways, but the universe has put us back together.   We get along great, but we are not willing to live together anymore.  It is a limitation on both of us.

At a deep level I know that there is great wisdom in this.

What shows up appears as a limitation on my life.  The form of the Now appears as a limitation.  Knowing the Now beyond the form it takes.  When you surrender to form you know that which is beyond form.  Surrender to the form (limitation) and you experience yourself.  People want to get away from the limitation of this form of the Now, the form that the Now takes.

Become friendly with what is, whatever form this moment takes.  It frees me from the form this moment takes.  If I react to the form this moment takes another form is created in me as a thought or emotion that strengthens me being lost in form.   And that’s why the ego likes to react because the ego is the form.  If you do not react - responding is a different matter - if action is needed it comes out of the state of intelligence which is allowing the Now to be, becoming one with life, which can only be Now.  Then life lives through you and life is intelligent.  In the allowing you do not strengthen your own form anymore.  What arises is the timeless and formless essence of who you are.  That’s why surrender is so powerful.  To the ego it looks like weakness, yet this is true power, aliveness, intelligence.  Be one with it, not against it, no matter what.

When I resist a form that appears in the Now I strengthen that form.  Resistance strengthens it.  Resistance strengthens illusion. 

The form this moment takes cannot be otherwise.

Presence never exerts effort, never resists anything.  The witness accepts this moment fully.

~Eckhart Tolle

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