Monday, June 4, 2012

The Process

I am still here.  My son wanted to have everything moved out on Friday but it didn't go that way.  His body didn't cooperate and spent the weekend at a friends house.  When he returned on Sunday he told me that he is going to move everything out that evening.  I thought to myself:  "Sure you are."   A person that is not present makes up all kinds of illusions.  The mind doesn't like nothingness and stillness and will fill that space with all kinds of agendas and plans, thus building illusion like crazy.  

Today again my son told me that everything will be out this evening, and again it's not happening.  He was upset when I told the landlord that we will be out by Thursday and had to pay another weeks rent.  To him when he looks at what's still left he thinks it can be moved in one evening, and yes, if we were zombies we can be out in a few hours, but I know that's not going to happen because we need time for emotional processing, that step cannot be bypassed.  We don't have much, but still, we aren't able to get it out of the house any quicker because we both are going through major transformations and it can't be rushed.

When I walk out of here I will be emotionally and vibrationally ready for whatever awaits me, right now I am not.

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