Thursday, June 21, 2012


Lake Obersee, Germany 

Have you ever experienced nothingness.  You are here in this moment and there is nothing else and it seems as if you are stuck in this moment forever.  Nothing else exists, only Now.  It feels like everything is dead.

Have you ever lived with nothingness?  Like the sand in the desert nothingness stretches forever.   The tiny nucleus of your being is engulfed in nothingness.  Nothingness swallows everything.

The mind doesn’t know what to do with nothingness.  It looks for something to hold on to.  There is nothing, and you can’t fill it with something because that something is illusion.  You have to leave nothingness alone until it becomes something on its own.  You can’t force anything into this nothingness.

I am losing myself in the beauty and abundance of this moment.  It eluded me when my mind kept me from noticing it because I am always running away from the present.

All I ever have to do is be present.  Everything else is provided for automatically.

Anything outside the present moment is a burden.

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