Sunday, June 24, 2012


We are energetic beings.  The question is:  How energetic?  I received a ramped up dose of energy which almost knocked me off my socks.  That is who I really am.  I belief I only received a small portion of what I am really capable of.  That was the result of much clearing.

People buy energy drinks but they don’t do any good.  When the cells are full with memories and conditioning you are dragging everything along with you, no wonder you have no energy.  Transmuting fear also plays a major role in gaining more energy.  The patriarchy keeps us in fear.  Everything we do is based on fear.

When your energy is not obstructed you can go anywhere and do anything.  I had this image of me with wings standing on a cliff and flying anywhere I wanted to.  Fearlessness is such a beautiful thing.

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