Tuesday, June 19, 2012

At the Threshold

The only thing that connects me to past experiences, relatives, friends, people, places and activities are memories.  And all of that is dying.  All of that is being de-magnetized from my energy field and I have stepped into nothingness.  How am I going to cope with this unexpected dissolution of the familiar?  It is leaving my life because I have already left.  There is no juice in it for me anymore. 

Everything is always changing and everything is always uncertain.  People chose not to notice.  What is to become of me if I don’t prepare?  That’s what we have been taught, to prepare so that we can always be certain of the outcome.  96% of the universe is imperceptible.  What is reality?  No answers can come from our head.

I am falling and there is nothing to catch me and I will never be put together again.  The old world no longer exists.  The mind belongs to the patriarchal world.  I am getting to match the newness of the universe where life and death occur zillions of times in each moment.  I can't beg for it to stop for this is reality.

I am getting the image that I am standing at the door of the new and unknown, looking back over my shoulder, leaving everything behind before I step over the threshold into open waters.

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