Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dead ends

Ramona Falls, Oregon
I am wearing my nerves on my sleeves.  Every day something new shows up and than it fizzles.  Every road is leading to a dead end.  

This is such a destructive process.  Space is being created for something entirely new to emerge.

My son was supposed to get a grant and than he isn't.  We follow every new lead and than it disappears.  Several times it looked like we were going to move.  Each prospect looks so real, experiencing every angle of it, and than nothing happens.

Its a simulated virtual process.  The mind doesn't know its not real and gets the full benefit of this deception.  If I had to physically experience the possibilities it would take years.  I am spared the mundane details and light is shed only on the most important aspects.  Therefore I can move through everything quickly and efficiently.  By now its starting to wear me out.  I need a little break.

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