Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I feel 99.99% crazy.  This is progress as my illusions continue to be dismantled and my formless essence shall arise eventually.  Nothing is going to move forward until I have moved inward even more.  I get the drill.

There is no out there out there.


  1. dear Christine,
    I've been thinking of you, and didn't know how to get in touch, your blog is wonderful, I'm trying to remember our connection, was it Lauren Gorgo's site? I see you are aus Bavarien,
    bin ich in die Schwiez an der Dolmetscherschule St. Gallen ins 80s studiert, ich habe viel gern fuer deine Foto Klavier!! Es is so lange Zeit habe ich mit einander deutsch gescribt, entschuldigun meine Grammatik ist schreitlich ;-)

    I remember we were talking about NC and the Blue Ridge Mtns, and that your son and yourself were going to get permits for the Big Rig? and I was thinking you are doing some MAJOR anchoring of the grids down there, and just tonight my mother spilled coffee on her coffee table book of the Blue Ridge ;-) I just put up a new post on on the upgrades that ISON is making with the H2O (the Elohim come through me) you can get me at, bless you Christine, hugzzz daphne'/kachina*blue*star*

  2. Daphne,
    I just now noticed your comment. I don't get notification when someone comments, even so I put my settings to receive an email. Your German is great. I understood everything.