Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Sleepers

People are magicians.  They make me disappear.   They don't see me as I am, they see me as they are.  They want to get to know me, they want a story.  They think I am just like them, with the same desires, the same needs.   

I don't have much to say anymore.  Speaking slows me down.  It is tedious.  There is nothing of any interest to me.  3D is gaging me.   I have no patience for it.

I don't fit anywhere.  This is actually good news.

This morning the old left, again.  There was no drama, not like in times past where I was sad having to let go of so much.  It was a relief that I don't have to bother with that anymore.  I am really done.

I am in a place of waiting for a different life, a life I can't even imagine because its not going to be the way I think.

There are times when I feel strongly that its going to happen by the end of the year, other times it feels so far away.  Nothing can be predicted.

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