Saturday, October 26, 2013

When the feet stick out from under the bed

I am staying, I am moving, each having its own set of emotions to be released.  That's been my dance for the last couple of days until I came to the conclusion that I am not going anywhere.

When Columbus sailed the waters, when people found out that the earth isn't flat, their perceptions shifted,  a new world opened up for them.  Today I had such a shift.   My believes became obsolete.  New waters opened up for me to sail.  My old life is gone.  I am dead to it.  I am literally in a new world.

Then my son walks in, telling me that he is probably going to get fired on Monday.  He was dangling 50 feet in the air on a platform without his harness fastened.  That's a safety violation.  He is a very hard worker, but even that isn't going to safe him.  Its time for us to move on and the universe opened that door.  I don't have to wait until Monday to hear the verdict.  I know he is going to get fired.

The rent is paid up until January 6.  $380 for a 1000 square foot apartment, hardwood floors, windows all around, 2 balconies, beautiful view.  I loved it here.

I am amazed at the order of events.  The universe didn't tarry to deliver the punch when everything was lined up.  There is no turning back now.  This is the next step to becoming a butterfly.

My mind wants to step in and handle this, but its way too big.  There is too much potent energy swirling around this situation and all I can do is breathe through it.

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