Friday, October 25, 2013

Another take on what's really going on

My life hasn't been working and now I know why.  It wasn't supposed to be working so that the Big Cheese could experience him/herself through me.  I am the one going through the experience of limitations for the Infinite One.

Experiencing limitations was the first part of the game.  We have entered the second part, the return back.

Stephen Davis wrote a book: Butterflies are free to fly.  He apparently is out of the cocoon.  There is no one more I want to be around than someone who has actually left the cocoon, because I want OUT myself.

His website fell into my lap 2 days ago when I did a Google search.  I am only half way through the book.  Conceptually I have known that I have no control and no say-so in my life, but to read about the why is actually comical.  

Everything on Stephen Davis' website is free.  He calls it a New and Radical approach to spiritual evolution.

Website and free eBook 'Butterflies are free to fly'

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