Monday, June 3, 2013

We are Vast Creatures

The conditioned mind cannot live in the present moment because the present moment isn't linear.  Everything is happening at the same time and this flux will drive you out of your mind.

Who are we without our patterns and without our illusions.  Let life happen without controlling anything.  

The universe is vast and things are speeding up.  The mind has nothing to hold on to.  Its the fastest way of letting go of whatever we want to control and keep.

I have become so light that I can't carry matter.  There is no time to take action to fix problems.  Things are moving too fast.  I have become the observer and with that things move in and out of my attention at record speed.

I am here, no control over anything.  No control over where I am going.  No concept of anything.  My head is spinning round and round from so much going on.

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