Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chopping onions, carry water

I am in a twin relationship.  We are not together physically.  We met 17 years ago professionally and than parted, or rather, were ripped apart.  That started my painful journey to wholeness.  He came to awaken me.  Fairy tales are twin tales.  The prince awakens sleeping beauty with a kiss.

I have to lose all concepts.  I have to lose everything I know about anything.

I have to come to a state where I am in my body 100% and 0% in my mind.  Where my mind will never make even the tiniest decision.

Where everything I do is driven by my body and I am the observer.  Where my mind doesn't do any planning.  Where I am delighted at what shows up, even if its just chopping onions.

In the morning, who is the one getting me out of bed?  Is it my body or is it my mind.  Will I rest and relax until my body gets up or will my mind override it with a list of things to do and rush into doing them.

I have to come to a state where I am always relaxed, no racing mind, where there is no uptightness in my body and I always breathe fully.  Where I am completely here in the now.
My twin and I will come together in a new way without any concepts.  Like 2 little kids having fun, without any burdens.

We will be like 2 kids playing.  Like the bible says:  Unless you are as a child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Only when I am aligned with the now will the universe and my soul whisper its secrets to me.

I have to be aligned always, not just occasionally.

Chopping wood, carry water. 

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