Sunday, June 16, 2013

The wasteland of Illusion

Everything is illusion.  Some people like their illusions. 

The mind always needs stimulation.  But when the universe dies there is the void, nothing.  The mind can't cope with this nothingness.  It wants to fill it with something.  

When illusion is gone what are you going to replace it with.  It can't come from the mind.  You have to wait for what shows up naturally.  In this space of death you have to wait for what is created out of nothingness.  In that wasteland the mind goes insane.

Yesterday I went through a very long death.  It was so brutal, the death of it all.  Enough to go out of my mind.  We are driven out of our minds.

Today everything feels changed, yet still looks the same, like schizophrenic.  I am on the mountain top.  Bliss has arrived.  Its surreal.

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