Friday, June 21, 2013

The Power of Higher Vibration

The universe protects me from the Matrix people.  Otherwise I would get run over by their blindness and expectations and cruelty.  Yes, hospitality is cruelty.

In this fucked up society, I as a woman am expected to sell myself, prostitute myself to be exact.  Be here for others.

My son's friend is moving to Texas tomorrow.  I won't give him a ride to the airport.  I told my son that I don't ever want to be around that shithead again.  He is the typical patriarchal abusive male.  Within 5 minutes of being around him I want to puke.  He doesn't see me, I am an object of subservience.  I was brought up that way and I cleared all that out of my system.  No one can ever use me again.  That vibration no longer exists within me. 

I read people's energy and receive it in my body amplified.  Your body always gives you signals and the mind always overrides it.  People don't trust their bodies, they trust their minds.  The body never lies and the mind never truths. 

Any weak vibration will have a cling on of that same vibration.  Its like a magnet.  My vibration is higher than its ever been.  So long weakness.  Hello strength.

That's the power of higher vibration.  No one can use you.

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