Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Turning Point

Solstices are turning points.  For the first 2 days after the solstice I was pissed because I didn't see any changes.  Nothing had changed.

But than I saw it.  The changes were big.  Not in the physical but in the non-physical.  There is so much the mind doesn't 'see'.  Things happen in the non-physical first before they can happen in the physical.  And I saw clearly that I wasn't ready for the physical changes.  The mind always wants things to happen quicker because it doesn't see the energetic implications of even the smallest event. 

You grow in a familiar place.

We came full circle, which means back to the old and familiar, having another go at it.  My son went back to work part time for one month and than full time per doctors orders. 

The mind doesn't cope well when things don't go as planned.  'Delays' give the mind a chance to release things and find new pathways.

When people aren't congruent they don't see their own mess they are creating.  They live in their heads always wanting something other than what they have.   

The mind is always escaping reality, wasting energy on wishful thinking that things were different.  But they aren't different.  They are exactly the way they are.   And nothing can change that.  You will do what you do until you don't.

You cannot not do what you are doing.

Becoming more and more congruent, being more and more here.

There is only one upset, the loss of the present.

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