Thursday, June 6, 2013


Everybody has their own illusions.  Life has been working because everybody knew their place, knew their role they are supposed to play.

Incongruence is rampant.  People have all these ideas of what they want, but they don't see their limitations.  My neighbors daughter wants 5 kids, but she can't even take care of herself.  How is she going to manage 5 kids.  Its all in her head.  Not being here in the present, taking care of whats right in front of you will burn you every time.  

People want to clean up the world, yet, they won't clean up under their beds.

People projecting themselves out into the world, always wanting to fix something out there.  Its time to come home, making the body and mind congruent.  The body is always in the present moment, the mind never is.  The mind has stories of lack and problems.

I used to get sucked into their stories.  People whine and gripe.  I walk away.

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