Thursday, September 6, 2012

What is your body telling you?

The body always knows before we do because we don't allow ourselves to know.  The mind sets an end to knowing because it can't grasp anything outside it's logical domain.  Your body is telling you something and your mind overrides it.  

I need change.  I realized that when I need change, change is already here, but it hasn't shown up in the physical yet.  Before it shows up in the physical it shows up in the energetic structure of my life.

My body is telling me we are moving away from here.  My mind is saying:  'But you just moved here; this is the perfect place, the price is right, the location can't be any better.'  Yet, my body is telling me we are moving.  To the mind this doesn't make sense.

And now my body is preparing me for this change.  I feel sick.  The difference between my body and my mind is making me sick. I have no idea where we are going, how this is going to work out.  I allow everything that shows up prepare me for it.  I sit with it.  I do nothing until the time comes for action.

I am told to let go of trying to figure this out, instead, I am to feel everything; make this a body event instead of a mental event; let my body process what I feel; let my body process what my mind can't; letting it go deep into my body.

PS:  2 months later we moved due to my son's accident.

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