Friday, September 28, 2012

The Internal problem

Everything around you is an expression of YOU.  The outside world is the mirror of the inside world.  When people haven't dealt with their own darkness they judge others because they aren't aware that they either are or will become that which they judge.  The external world isn't an external problem, its an internal problem.

I have to accept my exterior world with neutrality.  Any time I react or resist it will persist.  This is very hard for the mind to grasp and I don't talk about it because people expect me to do something about it other than accepting it.  By not fighting it I feel the energies and that's how I do something about it, by transmuting the energies, because everything is energy.  Like cures like.

When people have dealt with their own darkness they can step out of the fear-based society.  Until then everything they do will be governed by fear.

I can no longer afford nor am I allowed to live the lies of the matrix. My mind changed and with that my life changed.  I have no more references.  I can't say I am going to do such and such based on what I have always done.  I am in the present and that's all I know. I would like to stay in my comfort zone but that is no longer possible.

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