Saturday, September 15, 2012

Living with Nothing

How can I write about nothing?

Nothing said to us, nothing we can learn from others, reaches us so deep as that which we find in ourselves.  ~Theodor Reik

If you listen to fear it gives you access to the most horrible movies in your head.

All conditioning has to leave until there is nothing left.

This moment holds nothing.  This moment is neutral.

If there is content, that's a memory from the past or a projection into the future.

Your parents and society told you that if you don't have goals you'll end up destitute.  I am a disappointment to my dad and ex-in-laws.  They want me to have a prestigious job, earn money, be somebody.  I have nothing, yet, I have never been so wealthy.

When the universe has chiseled everything away and all fear is gone there is freedom.

The logistics of the universe have proven to be perfect, beyond my wildest expectations.  I don't have to fend for myself.  I am always taken care of.

The past is a memory and the future is unpredictable.   Only this moment exists and people run from it, fill it with stories and illusions.

Be empty like the universe.

I have been watching ‘The Dog Whisperer.’  The energies of the human get transferred to the dogs and the dogs act out these energies.  When there is fear in the human the dogs feed on that fear.  Cesar Milan told one owner to get a different dog because all the problems in the dog were caused by the owner’s energy.

I have become aware of my own fearful energy.  By observing it I transmute it.

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